im emily & yoü are beautiful so pass it on.
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Possibly my favorite picture so far


*wears black again*

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Because if I can’t get what I want, i was never meant to have it.



Lynda Carter, 1970s.


The Summer of ‘69, Life magazine.

He (Taylor Kinney) met Gaga in a VIP area. “She then assumed a stripper persona and put on a show for him”. “She was doing a serious lapdance and they started making out.” Things got so hot and heavy, Gaga’s guards pulled a curtain around the couple and 10 others in their area. (x)

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Lana Del Rey video bombing Lady Gaga’s Music Videos

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Chanel Eyewear 2012 Linda Evangelista Karl Lagerfeld

i respect Gaga. i respect her music, her image, and everything she stands for. Though, if i had the chance, i would take her to bed for the night and do her just right.

Gaga showing her ass to the audience at Roseland.

fuck. me.

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Gaga arriving at the Roseland Ballroom tonight (3.30.14).


u do what you got to do

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